Pupils? Or Professionals?


This quarter, our professors divided students into groups, and each group was assigned an industry – industrial design, department stores retail, IT security, and employment services. Each group received professional coaching from highly experienced business professionals. My group’s coach, George Roe – current research professor for Alaska Center for Energy and Power and past manager

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Student Spotlight: From Teacher to Business Leader


Name: Remy Hudson Hometown: Seattle, Washington Undergraduate degree: Health and Fitness Education Interests: I’m a strong proponent of the notion that that an active mind is the product of an active body. I enjoy all things active, particularly playing soccer, running, hiking, and swimming. If there is competition, count me in. Good food and good

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The Greenest Building in the World


Who wouldn’t want to start off the work week with a private tour of the greenest building in the world? While most graduate students were nursing a lukewarm cup of coffee and fighting to keep their eyes open during an early Monday morning lecture, our cohort spent the morning on a private tour of Seattle’s

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How I Survived First Quarter MAM-SSM (While Managing To Add Only a Handful of Gray Hairs to My 24-Year-Old Head)

From dolphin-watching with Assistant Dean Gary Karns, to mastering Microsoft Excel in preparation for the MOS Excel Certification Exam, to learning that the statistic flossing adds 6.4 years to your life is in fact “inferential,” Module 1 as a MAM-SSM student was nothing short of exhilarating. Our professors exhibited genuine concern for us not just

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…are practical work experiences. It’s like an internship, but generally as part of the academic experience. For MAMSSM students, it’s an opportunity to practice what we preach. We’ve been working all year to build our critical thinking, technical skills, and problem-solving skills to become catalysts of change in all areas of business. My team is

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MAM-SSM Social Venture Competition

We wanted to let you know about an exciting opportunity to engage with the MAM-SSM program! We hope you will join us on March 9th from 11:30am-1:30pm for our annual MAM-SSM Social Venture Plan Competition! MAM-SSM SVP is a unique event where students develop businesses that also make a difference in the world. This is

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Student Spotlight: Josh Banks


  Name: Joshua Banks Hometown: Mountlake Terrace, WA Undergraduate degree: Biology – Physiology Interests: Renewables & Environment, Think Tanks, Sports: Football (Seahawks) & Baseball (Mariners), Companion Animals – specifically: Care & Training, The Human-Animal Bond, Voice-over/Comedic Imitation, Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Exploring the National Parks, Kayaking, Playing Cards, Watching Movies, Photography, People Watching, Mindfulness Meditation, Wine

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(Mock?) Interviews

It is our first rounds of mock interviews. We have recruiters and hiring managers come into our conference rooms and take us through a real interview experience. I have to say that this was a really fun experience, although going through tons of interviews is a scary thought at first. Last week, we learned about

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DOUBTING WHETHER YOU COULD MAKE IT THROUGH GRADUATE SCHOOL? “When eating an elephant take one bite at a time.” – Creighton Abrams I’m here to tell you, “You can do it!” On our cohort’s recent study abroad trip to India and China we met with a social entrepreneur in Bengaluru.  Collin Timms spoke passionately about

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Technically Speaking


Throughout the year, we have a responsibility to develop our professionalism. There are aspects to our learning experience that are self-instigated, one of them being technical skills. Think Excel, Tableau, and SQL. If you have experience already, you’re very lucky. We use these programs often and unfortunately, many of us with non-business backgrounds don’t come

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