Student Spotlight: Johanna Sanchez

Hometown: Grandview, WA Undergraduate Degree: Double Major in Medical Anthropology & Global Health, and The Comparative History of Ideas. Interests: Johanna is extremely passionate about her family, community, and creating opportunities to help better both circles. She loves cooking home meals, especially her favorite dish— Tinga—a delicious Mexican cuisine. She also enjoys a variety of … Continue reading Student Spotlight: Johanna Sanchez


GLS Competition & Mock Interviews

This quarter in MAM-SSM, our cohort has been tackling a plethora of challenges on top of our standard course load.  After our pitches and presentations later at the end of the quarter, I’ll explain about the Social Venture Plan Competition which we are currently engaged in—but in the meantime—the GLS case competition and our mock … Continue reading GLS Competition & Mock Interviews

Pupils? Or Professionals?

This quarter, our professors divided students into groups, and each group was assigned an industry – industrial design, department stores retail, IT security, and employment services. Each group received professional coaching from highly experienced business professionals. My group’s coach, George Roe – current research professor for Alaska Center for Energy and Power and past manager … Continue reading Pupils? Or Professionals?

Student Spotlight: From Teacher to Business Leader

Name: Remy Hudson Hometown: Seattle, Washington Undergraduate degree: Health and Fitness Education Interests: I’m a strong proponent of the notion that that an active mind is the product of an active body. I enjoy all things active, particularly playing soccer, running, hiking, and swimming. If there is competition, count me in. Good food and good … Continue reading Student Spotlight: From Teacher to Business Leader

How I Survived First Quarter MAM-SSM (While Managing To Add Only a Handful of Gray Hairs to My 24-Year-Old Head)

From dolphin-watching with Assistant Dean Gary Karns, to mastering Microsoft Excel in preparation for the MOS Excel Certification Exam, to learning that the statistic flossing adds 6.4 years to your life is in fact “inferential,” Module 1 as a MAM-SSM student was nothing short of exhilarating. Our professors exhibited genuine concern for us not just … Continue reading How I Survived First Quarter MAM-SSM (While Managing To Add Only a Handful of Gray Hairs to My 24-Year-Old Head)