Daniel Hallak

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My job rocks! Every day I have the privilege of working with bright, motivated graduate students who want to make a difference in the world. My greatest joy is helping them achieve their dreams by helping them land jobs. Throughout the year there was a bit of apprehension as to whether each student would land a job. What would they land? Where would they land? What would they earn? With a new program with no prior blueprint I was just as nervous as the students. Thankfully, after countless personal coaching sessions with each student – some with a few tears, hundreds of phone calls and emails to recruiters and hiring managers, and a myriad of networking events, we were thrilled when each student landed a job within three weeks of graduation! What a tremendous success for the students, our program and the organizations that hired our stellar graduates.

By the numbers, our eight students landed 66 interviews which translated into 10 job offers. Two students pursued excited opportunities abroad and as an intern, and the rest earned an the average salary of $50,000 with a median income of $53,000. Pretty amazing for their first time jobs during a tough market.

While I learned countless lessons in my first year with the students, two stand out the most:

Pick up the Phone

It can be frightening to pick up the phone and cold call an employer. However, it was through bold cold calls that I was able to setup many of my students for interviews. It was certainly nerve racking at time, but as time went on, I gained a tremendous amount of confidence and the students definitely reaped the rewards.

Become a Polished Professional

One of my biggest assets over the year was the stellar “product” that I was selling. The students had really pushed themselves with their networking efforts, presentations skills, and professional demeanor. This paid off big time as I received so many compliments on their poise and professionalism.

Last year was an incredible roller-coaster ride and it was so much fun to partner with the students. As this year starts, I am super jazzed for the new crop of talent I have the opportunity to develop.