Katie Gray – http://www.linkedin.com/in/katiejgray
Orientation for the 2nd Cohort of the MA-SSM program at SPU has just been completed. With the recommendations from the first cohort, we’re doing things a bit different on our second time around. The start of those changes was an Orientation Weekend for the incoming class. We had two full days of classroom time, which included some sneak peeks into what to expect throughout the year. Dr. LaBrie introduced the students to the differences between IS and IT; while Dr. Eveland shared insight into her communication and leadership classes. Dr. Eveland’s first exercise was deciding which type of kitchen utensil you are. Kate stated she was definitely a corkscrew because she likes jumping into the thick of things. Dr. Downing introduced his statics for by using a deck of cards to give us a better understanding of probability. The teams were introduced and during a “working lunch” the students created business plans on napkins to present to investors. The students were introduced to the library and the School of Business’s liaison librarian, Cindy Strong. With that said, there are quite a few perks to being a graduate student! With the Friday night mixer coming up, Daniel Hallak (our professional development extraordinaire) introduced the students to the wonderful world of networking, with a few tips and tricks to test out at a mixer that night. Daniel put the buddy system in a whole new light when he taught the students to use it to help each other while networking. The new buddy system was to prevent anyone from getting sucked into the wall or corners and away from good conversation. If the buddy system failed, no worries, Daniel had another way to save you with a bathroom trip! Alumni, have these tips helped you since entering into the business world? The mixer was held at Blueacre in downtown Seattle. Faculty, business leaders, alumni, and current students arrived in their most professional attire. Blueacre served some very delicious appetizers that everyone was enjoying. Everyone seemed to be having a great time meeting new faces and striking up conversations. The MA-SSM faculty was there, business leaders who had previously been connected with the program attended, as well as alumni. It was a great chance for the alumni and current students to connect and get helpful tips on surviving the year. A couple of the business leaders at the mixer had just hired on a few of the alumni for jobs starting the very next week! The current students did a great job utilizing the networking tips, shaking hands and collecting business cards.
Now it’s time for the real work to begin! The books have been handed out, the
online courses have been activated, say goodbye to summer and dust off those old study habits. See you in September at Whidbey Island to really kick things off!