Emily Jordan


Let me introduce myself: I’m Emily Jordan, this blog’s main contributor!

I am so excited for this project and to give you a look into this awesome program as I experience, grow, and learn. I’ll be reflecting on a wide variety of topics: class discussions, group projects, career development moments, wisdom from experience, and so much more. While I will be posting on a regular basis, we will also feature a few other members of my cohort, faculty, and even some MASSM Alumni! I just know it’s going to be an awesome year!

I feel it’s only proper that you know me a little better, so here’s some necessary and interesting tidbits on your truly:

Name: Emily Jordan (in case you forgot!)

Hometown: Happy Valley, Oregon

Undergraduate: B.A. in Psychology; Minor in Music, George Fox University, Newberg, OR

Extra-curricular: Student Body Vice President, Residence Life, Concert Choir, Serve Trips, Musical Theater

How I Spend My Free Time: Being with friends & family, spontaneous adventuring, reading, making music, baking goodies, being crafty, board games, sleeping, Pinteresting, and watching shows like 30 Rock and Criminal Minds

Favorite Thing about Seattle: As a native Portlander, Seattle has always been a beautiful and exciting place to visit…and now I get to live here! I love the diverse smattering of food, culture, and people that make up The Emerald City. And surprisingly, I love the rain.

What Makes Me Awesome: My voluminous curly red hair, my vocal performing abilities, and my love for Disney (for the record, Belle is my favorite)! I am the eldest of three girls. My favorite pens are from the bank. I smile…a LOT. Little known fact: I was a Girl Scout for 13 years!

Future Goals: Find a career path in some context of Human Resources, travel the world, own a chocolate Labrador, and start a family

Emily - field

Wheat Boy

Why MASSM: It all started with a newspaper ad. One winter day during my junior year of college I opened my school’s paper to find a picture of a suave businessman in a field (see above). Upon closer inspection I saw that it was an ad for a new graduate degree at Seattle Pacific University: a one-year Masters of Arts in Social & Sustainable Management! Not having any post-grad plans, I was intrigued by the program. So, after some informative phone calls, much prayer, and encouragement, I applied. And now here I am! I’m still in awe at how God has brought me to this point, and how he continues to lead me down this new path! I know so strongly that this exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Until next time,