One of my favorite things about my job is cold calling employers to introduce them to my students. For some reason, there is an adrenaline rush that comes with the uncertainty of calling an employer without knowing how they will respond. Maybe it is because I love promoting our stellar students and rejoicing in their successes. October is peak of the college recruiting season and hundreds of large companies are vying for top college talent to bring onboard in spring. I am ready to tackle college recruiting season and this month, I am enlisting help! Carolina Bravo, my graduate research assistant and current MASSM student (AKA: MASSM Program Engagement Liaison) and I are on the cusp of launching a full-blown attack on every Fortune 500 Company with a campus recruiting program or leadership development program.

Why the Fortune 500 List?
Companies on the Fortune 500 list are huge. Firms like these are often very hard for recent graduates to land jobs at and the competition is often overwhelming. Thankfully, many of them have realized that recent graduates can’t compete with seasoned talent and these firms have developed college hiring programs to bring in fresh, top college talent. Many times, these programs are the only viable way into an organization for recent graduates. Often, these programs include a rotational component where a grad gets the chance to experience multiple areas of a business to become well rounded as well as find their sweet spot.  Many of these programs also include perks such as company mentors, additional specialized training, and the opportunity to handle large-scale projects that end with a presentation to top company leadership. Getting into a rotational program or a leadership development program is an incredible launching pad for a student’s career.

How Will Promote Your Students?
Having combed the Fortune list for companies that invest in college recruiting, Carolina and I are ready for go-time. Here is our game plan:

  1. Identify all Fortune 500 companies with college recruiting programs
  2. Categorize the list by geographic region
  3. Distribute the list to all MASSM students and request that they review and respond with their geographic regional preferences as well as a highlighted list of key companies of interest
  4. Cold call all target companies and speak to the appropriate college recruiter; if we receive a voicemail, we will leave a message and then email the targets and follow-up with a reminder a week later; all emails will include résumés from specific students along with a glowing note

The final goal to let the country know about the stellar students in our program and set them up with interviews at companies where the students can fast-track their careers. These positions are wonderful because the student could gain job security by receiving job offers by mid-late January that start in June when the graduate.

Well, time to dust off my phone. Fortune 500, here we come!


Daniel Hallak

Daniel is an expert in job searching, career counseling, and résumé writing. Having worked in recruiting at Microsoft and in career advising through several colleges and universities, he practices everything he preaches as he models intentional career management and personal branding. Currently he is the Professional Development Specialist for the innovative 11-month Master’s degree in Management and Social/Sustainable Business that transforms non-business students graduates into highly polished young professionals. Last year, by building relationships with hundreds of recruiters and hiring managers he placed 100% of his students in jobs within three weeks of graduation. In addition to his role at SPU, Daniel has coached hundreds of students, alumni, and seasoned professionals at local universities and through his firm, Next Step Career Consulting. He is working on his Ph.D. in Industrial / Organizational Psychology at Seattle Pacific University where he previously earned his Master’s degree.

Follow Daniel on LinkedIn ( or feel free to call him at 206.216.1129 or email him at

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