During Module 1 of the MASSM program, we began our exposure to business concepts ranging from, Marketing and Operations to Excel and Accounting. We spent most of the summer completing assignments on our own, reaching out to one another through our buzzing Facebook group and study sessions.

On our first days of classes, after engaging in hands on group activities, we divided into our teams and jumped into our first business case analysis. Our lack of business background made this feel intimidating, as we were collectively starting at zero. We struggled through our SWOT analyses, wondering if all of our “threats” were truly external, and what the calculations on the income statements meant. Thankfully, each group was gifted the wisdom of a local business person who served as a sounding board for ideas and an audience for our “mock board room” presentation practice.

The day of the board room we presented our business recommendations to local business professionals (people who actually knew what the income statement meant) and they, posing as owners of the business and challenged us to defend our claims. Despite our initial fears, it was an honor to have these individuals test us and share their feedback.

In the midst of the busyness of our first two weeks, our sense of teamwork and camaraderie developed within the cohort. As teams would reach out to one another for advice, and we would check in with each other to ensure everyone was being supported.

With bootcamp behind us, we will now live and breathe case analysis and be able to do in three days what initially two us 10 (so they say). We look forward to growing from  “financial small people” to “financial giants” in the next 9 months.

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