The component that sets MASSM apart from most other graduate programs, is our investment in exploring our strengths and values and engaging in practical activities that will prepare us for the job search process and our transition into the work world.

Our career coach (yes, we have our very own), Daniel Hallak, dedicates his time to polishing our professional tool set, exploring possible career paths and keeping us accountable to putting our best selves forward.

We dress business casual everyday we are in our space, it is our office (refer to students section to see what business professional looks like J)

We engage in classes about resume writing, best practices in LinkedIn, exploring our values and strengths, mock interviews and presentations to leaders in the business field.

The goal is to be able to communicate who we are and the value we bring to everyone, from CEO’s, recruiters and our neighbors (you can ask any student for their elevator pitch!).

Stay tuned to hear individual stories of students as they go through this transformation.

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