The transition between Module 1 and Module 2 could be described as a much needed treat or in this case an actual retreat to the beautiful Camp Casey on Whidbey Island.  Now, I know you are thinking-a “camp?;” does that mean we were in tents and out in the isolated wilderness?  Absolutely not! Camp Casey is owned by SPU and adjacent to Fort Casey State Park, so in theme with the fort, there are “barracks” everyone stays in for their visit.  And, as for the wilderness aspect, if you count being surrounded by the peaceful Puget Sound, the beach, hiking trails, and Admiralty Head Lighthouse as roughing it, then I guess we were.




During our weekend at Camp, we were debriefed on Module 1, introduced to Module 2, and enjoyed ourselves away from the city.  The debrief consisted of learning the proper case analysis results about Jamie Kennedy Kitchens.  Also, we were given insight about how to improve our boardrooms for the future.  And, to finish out Module 1, we had a book discussion on our summer readings.  Then, Module 2 was introduced to us, for we will be working on an industry analysis now.  Each team will be given a different industry: Apparel/ecommerce retail, Recreational outdoor/sporting equipment, Cloud services, or Medical devices to research.

Now for the fun stuff, we enjoyed getting to explore the grounds of the camp.  You can make a quick hike over to Fort Casey, where they have old navy artillery machines and the fort to explore.  Also, you can get great views of the San Juan’s from the lighthouse.  Everyone enjoyed getting to hang out with each other outside of the typical classroom environment at SPU.  We all enjoyed telling stories at the bonfire and roasting marshmallows for our s’mores especially.



ImageImageImageSadly, our weekend retreat had to come to an end, and we all made our way back to Seattle to go back to reality.

Until next time!





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