We had the pleasure of inviting MASSM Alumni back into the space that they called a second home at one time. No faculty was there so we were able to get the real story.

These are my biggest take aways from their stories:

The ambiguity that is characteristic of the program, being given projects, but not specific directions of how to complete them, has challenged us to work  with our teams to think creatively as we learn how to build case analyses . Through this process, we have learned skills that the alumni have found to be extremely applicable to their work contexts. As we begin to explore new business industries this next quarter (medical devices and the cloud to name a few) they advised us to reach out to our designated business coaches and to talk to professionals in the industry for direction. We have begun to do this, and have gotten a great response from the community (my group has a meeting with the CEO of the start-up that our designed case analysis)!

It is possible to pay off student loans, this is obviously on our minds (and probably yours too). It was so reassuring to hear their specific financial plans. They shared that students paying for MASSM on student loans are required to go to a seminar at the end of the to set up a payment plan. And since they have salaried jobs, they are aggressively paying them off (using the skills they learned in finance!).

Most importantly, they were extremely clear that it was worth it.  Comparing where they were at the beginning of their MASSM experience (professionally and personally) and the jobs they were qualified for, to the level of self awareness and confidence they carry and the jobs they accepted at end of their experience, none of them regretted this investment.

Phew, I will hold onto these comments as the journey continues, it was such a blessing to learn from their wisdom.

Thanks for reading,



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