Monday Mrs. Mary Mitchell came to our class to give a presentation on business dining etiquette. It was so nice to be able to learn advice on what to do at a business breakfast, lunch, or dinner. She addressed and advised us on several issues we were all wondering about. Here are 5 of the biggest take aways from the seminar:

  • The valuable lesson of “b” and “d”. Your left hand when you close your thumb and index figure form a “b” for bread, which is on the left side of your place setting. Your right hand makes a “d”, standing for drink. This will help you with confusing your plate or glass with your neighbors at a dinner setting.


  • Once you sit down your napkin is to never touch the table again, until you are completely done with your meal. This means even if you go to the restroom during the meal, you place your napkin in your chair.
  • If you order soup during your meal, scoop it with your spoon tilted away from you. And, you are even allowed to tip the bowl to get ever last drop, just don’t pick up your bowl. Also, you should never blow on your soup or even your food even if it is dreadfully hot.
  • Once you use a utensil it never again touches the tabletop. It should always remain on your plate, even if you aren’t using it.
  • When you are finished with your meal, your utensils should be placed on your plate diagonally from upper left to lower right (11 to 5 o’clock if you imagine your plate as a clock). This is a secret code to your waiter (or host) that you’re all finished.

After our etiquette seminar in the morning, we had a group dinner at Steelhead Diner, outside of Pike Place Market, to show off our newly formed dining skills. This exercise was great by not only learning proper dining etiquette, but also implementing it at a dinner.


Until next time,



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