From the start of the program, we began with the end in mind. We pondered the question, what job’s do we want to set our sights on based on our personal values and strengths? Today, we continued to prepare ourselves for these goals learning about the recruiting process from the perspective of two recruiters at our annual Recruiting Panel. We heard two unique perspectives, one from our very own MASSM Alumni, Aileen Austin, who works for Amazon and also Charlene Hansen from The Creative Group .

This was a great opportunity for us to prepare ourselves for the recruiting process that we will be taking part in very soon. Through this conversation, we learned the importance of being honest with recruiters about our goals and abilities. They expressed that recruiting is a two way street, and through integrity and persistence (following up every two weeks is acceptable) in this process we can ensure a better fit for both the company and our personal career goals. Another was to facilitate the experience is to keep the recruiter up to date with status changes for example, if you got a job, are interviewing somewhere else, or are interested in exploring a different role.

As recent graduates it is intimidating to begin the job search process, especially when we are reading requirements that we do not fulfill. They both asserted that many times, these requirement or preferences are not set in stone (although years of experience can help you gage the experience they are looking for). It is important to inquire about a job to measure the importance of certain qualifications.  When you begin interviewing for a company it is  fair to ask what to expect from their hiring process.

Regarding communicating your experiences through an interview, they encouraged us to keep a portfolio of our work that we can easily showcase to employers (in the form of a webpage for example) and to think through the projects we have had and prepare ourselves to explain the process we went through to face a challenge. Many of the experiences we often do not consider sharing can be strong examples of our skills.

Stay tuned to hear how the job search process as we apply what we learned today!

Take care,



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