Many of us had heard the term business consultant, imagining them busily through  tall corporate buildings, going from city to city in business suits offering magical advice to firms along the way. At least this is the picture I had.

Speaking with Gene Boes this morning from Loft9 Consulting shed some light on my perceptions as we were able to have an open conversation about his experience as a Managing Director and hear some of Loft9’s values. Given that in the program we value graduates finding the job that is the right fit for their strengths and values, it was encouraging to hear about a company that shared those values as well. He described Loft9 as a “people development firm” composed of life long learners that are always looking to grow. He emphasized the importance of relationships and looking out for the good of the other person over your own needs.

Similar to what we do on a daily basis as a part of MASSM, Gene explained that in a job interview we would be asked to do a live case and react to certain questioning from the interviewer concerning our recommendations. He encouraged us to practice receiving criticism and learning how to react to these comments in a positive way.

Consulting can have many faces, including:

  • Change management (my personal favorite)
  • Program management
  • Project management (more time bound than program management)
  • Process Optimization
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Product and service launch –
  • Interim management
  • Managed services

All that is to say, so many different people can find themselves in this field even if they did not think of themselves as consultants before. As all of our Brown Bag speakers, Gene had advice that would apply to all of us, even if we are not specifically interested in consulting. He encouraged us to perfect our critical thinking abilities, in other words, how do we break a problem down to solve it? In addition, he encouraged us to ask ourselves what we were passionate about and start from there in our job search.

It was a pleasure learning from Gene this morning and I look forward to continuing to grow from the wisdom of those who practice these careers with love  for others and dedication to their work.

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