Have you ever wondered what human resources actually entails? HR has come such a long way from the days of being simply “Personnel.” In today’s time, it oversees employee relations and creates a better work atmosphere. Human Resources now involve so many key elements in the business environment including: recruiting & hiring, compensation & benefits, employee relations, legal compliance, and so many more things. Friday morning my cohort had the privilege of having two highly esteemed human resources professionals come to discuss their roles in HR.

Tica Gordon and Carol Olsby spoke to us about their background in HR. It was great to learn not only how they have excelled in the field but advice for anyone who wants to succeed in the field as well. Several students in this year’s cohort including myself want to enter HR upon graduation in June. Hearing that HR is consulting within a company made sense. 

In HR and in business in general, they stressed how you must maintain a strong work ethic, which can be done by being very flexible and adaptable. You should be willing to do anything to help the team succeed. One tip they advised us on was that we should always look people in the eye when we interview since so many people of our generation are scared to communicate with an older generation. They advised us on several other topics including:

  •  We should join HR societies to meet fellow HR leaders in the community to help build your network.
  • We have to understand business and build your business competence.
  • We can not be afraid of asking advice from family, friends, and peers on how to position yourself or when you need help.
  •  We need to be able to face problem solving. In HR, you should be able to look at an issue from many different sides and angles and be comfortable working with a large diverse background of people.

In human resources, you have to work with people from a wide array of backgrounds just like those who are in MAM-SSM. Mrs. Gordon and Mrs. Olsby both encouraged everyone to pursue what they feel passionate about. If you are passionate about helping people within a business, HR might just be the right field for you! I thoroughly enjoyed the session, and I look forward to being able to grow in the Human Resources field.

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