Aloha kakou!

My name is Aaron Hire, and my mission is to serve all through righteousness.

Whether that is through God’s love, relationships, sustainability or leadership, my life is for

helping people and the planet.

Hometown: Ewa Beach, Hawai’i & Salem Oregon.
Undergraduate Degree: Philosophy, Minors in Anthropology and Art & Visual Culture.
Extra-curricular Activities: Surfing, ukulele, painting, drawing, shirt making, movies, Reggae.
Why MAM-SSM: I needed to gain real business skills to apply with my humanities background.
Future Goals: I’m interested in consulting, management, HR, coaching and development. I could eventually see myself as a football coach and teacher. I would also like to change the way business has dominated and changed Hawai’i.
How I Spend My Free Time: Studying and working out.
Favorite Thing about Seattle: The art.
Favorite thing to do as a kid: Go to the beach with family.
Issue I am passionate about: Informing people about the issues & bad ideologies surrounding race.
How I think business can create change: I want to use business to change how people think.
Favorite moment this year: Making Shree laugh!


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