As a part of the program we live and breathe Business Case Analysis, we complete these reports in our assigned teams for the quarter.

What is a case analysis?

We study a written case about an existing company including: their mission, current operations, marketing strategy, finances and engagement in social and sustainable practices. Based on what we learn in class we assess the business and recommend course(s) of action that will lead them to better achieve their stated goals.

What we are responsible for:

Our end product is a 5-page report including the identification of an issue, research on the industry (i.e. restaurant or retail), the company’s SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis, recommendations for future improvement and an implementation plan for how this will get done.

How many we complete:

We started doing one in two weeks, now we do two-three in one week… now it’s hard to go to a restaurant without analyzing their business strategy.

The point:

The more we analyze these components for different types of businesses, we are able to piece together all the topics we cover class to assess their effects on a company. Specifically, one that is geared towards making a social and sustainable impact. In addition, we work together as we learn how to delegate tasks, develop our project management skills and take part in industry research.

As you can see, most of our time is spent working on projects, not with our nose in the books. This experience is gearing us up for the Social Venture Plan Competition, where we will be building our own social enterprise (a business that supports a social need) from the bottom up.  

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