Name: Rajyasree (Shree) Banerjee
 Kolkata, India (cultural capital of India, the city where Mother Teresa lived)
Degrees :
 B.A. in History from Presidency College, Kolkata , M.A in Modern Indian History from University of Calcutta, M.A is South Asian History, Middle Eastern History and History of England from Syracuse University

Interests: Solving puzzles, cooking, traveling, reading and researching, watching movies and listening to music.

Why MAM-SSM: MAM-SSM is a program which concentrates on conducting business in a responsible and ethical manner. Being a student of History with a focus on Social History, I have always wanted to work for the benefit of the society. This program will give me an opening and platform to pursue my goals.
Future Goals: After completing MAM-SSM, I wish to pursue my career as a Business Consultant, Business Development Manager or Business Analyst. I also dream of starting my own business venture one day.
How I Spend My Free Time: I love to spend my time cooking different cuisines, especially Indian, and also cleaning the house. I like watching Asian horror movies, gripping thrillers and murder mysteries. When I visit India, I primarily spend my time with family and friends and of course, eat street food.
Favorite Thing about Seattle: 
Such a welcome change after Syracuse. Guess why? – It does not snow!!!
Favorite quote:
The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. (Chinese proverb)


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