We have now finished our second Module! Each Module we have been given a distinct assignment to be completed in our groups. This culminates in a boardroom presentation to community business professionals who play the role of the company we are consulting. In 15 minutes we present the information we gathered over the last 3 months and brace ourselves for their questions. This is a great opportunity for us to practice presenting and clearly communicating our ideas. Although this is a nerve-racking experience, I always walk out with a new revelation of everything I learned, it feels good to be able to defend our ideas with facts and speak confidently in front of some of the most accomplished people in the business community.



To prepare us for this experience and guide us along the way, we are paired up with experts in the industry we are studying. For example, my team studied the Medical Device Industry in emerging countries and our coach was able to share from his experience in making hearing aids more accessible in these contexts. This feedback is invaluable as coaches are able to speak from experience in the business world and are invested in our personal development as well.

Business Visits

Outside of our projects we often have the opportunity to get out of the classroom and go to local sustainable businesses that are doing the very thing we look to do down the road. Stay tuned to learn about these experiential learning opportunitiesā€¦


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