Name: Juliana Garcia 
Hometown: Bremerton, WA 
Undergraduate Degree: B.S. Psychology 
Extra-curricular Activities: family, church, work 
Why MASSM: Wanted to learn how to integrate business and research, thought it was a wonderful opportunity to learn how to present one-self and it was a year long program 
Future Goals (career and otherwise): more school? job, family 

Topic ideas:

How I Spend My Free Time: with my family- playing board games, going to the movies, going to football games. watching Korean Dramas, going to church events 
Favorite Thing about Seattle: the weather!!!!!!!!! the view, the bus system, pikes place 
What Makes Me Awesome: I am awesome hehehe!! my passion for learning and willingness to see things through different lenses 
Your favorite thing to do as a kid: go to the science center and on road trips 
Issue I am passionate about: the youth of tomorrow- what their future is going to look like 
How I think business can create change: gives you a foundation upon which change must start, after vision 
Favorite moment this year: don’t know yet 


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