China is home to the world’s largest city, one of the top economies, countless inventions, and my cohort for 2 weeks!

Beijing: Large Corporations & History Abundant 

We started out our study abroad with a week exploring the culture-rich city of Beijing. While there, we saw countless Beijing Sights such as: Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Chinese Acrobats, the US Embassy (we even got to meet the Ambassador), exploring the night market, Olympic Park, and an item on my bucket list- the Great Wall of China! Seeing all of these amazing sights was so surreal. It is one thing to read about the Great Wall in a book or online, but another completely to explore on the Wall for a couple of hours. I thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the Chinese culture and trying all the Chinese food. The first week seemed to fly by while soaking up all the sites of China. Aside from getting to see all these amazing places we also got to meet with and tour large companies such as: Microsoft, Amazon, and 51credit. While at Microsoft, we learned more about the Research and Development (R&D) that the China offices are doing. Amazon taught us how a company may be in another country but have completely different business models. In business you have to adapt to the environment that you are in to succeed. This goes directly with 51credit’s aspiration of getting the Chinese people to use credit more since the country is dominantly a cash-based society.

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Shanghai: A Short Stop for a Huge City

Upon coming back from India, we headed straight to Shanghai- the world’s largest city. The amount of skyscrapers in this city is truly more buildings than I have ever seen before combined (and I’ve done my fair share of travelling). The first day in Shanghai we headed to the advanced city of Suzhou to meet with the leaders at their Industrial Park. Afterwards, we headed to lunch where we all tried Eastern Chinese food including jellyfish which is something everyone should try at least once. We had fun exploring the Humble Servant’s Garden, walking around the Bund, seeing People’s Square, shopping at the Silk Market, and the going to the Pearl Tower. By the time our last night of the trip came, we all ventured to the Pearl Tower for dinner and to take in the sights of the city we all called home for four nights. The Pearl Tower allowed for incredible views; however, it was slightly petrifying standing on a glass-bottomed floor 950 feet above the ground.

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Twenty days, a new continent, two countries, countless World Heritage sites, and at least seventeen business visits and meetings later, my classmates and I all gained a much deeper sense of understanding of global business practices. Throughout my time in both China and India, I learned a great deal more regarding both business operations abroad. This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for my cohort and me!

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