Seattle is commonly referred to as the “Emerald City”; however, after touring the Bullitt Center I believe this nickname also comes from how “green” the city truly is. The Bullitt Center is the world’s greenest commercial office building and is located just minutes away from campus. My class and I had the opportunity to learn more about sustainability in the morning and then head to tour the Bullitt Center in the afternoon.

Our sustainability panel was led by two of my classmates and was overseen by Hal Calbom and Melanie Hobart. This panel showed my colleagues just how sustainability can be incorporated into everything in our lifestyles.

  •       Sustainability can affect the bottom line.
  •       Sustainability gives a competitive advantage in the market.
  •       Sustainability encompasses both old and new practices.
  •       Sustainability allows for businesses to have values that align with its consumers.

On our afternoon tour of the Bullitt Center, we all learned more about the “Greenest Building”. The Bullitt Center is a living building- meaning that it is completely self-sustaining. The building is six-stories of commercial office space that is rented to tenants have a passion for environmental practices. The Center has a long list of sustainable features including: the wood in the steel and wood structure being certified to standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council, the photovoltaic panels covering the roof, the use of a curtain window system, and the naturally ventilated interiors and the waste management. Not only are the materials sustainable, but the tenants also aspire to live a healthy lifestyle. Despite there being an elevator in the Center, it is highly encouraged for the tenants and visitors to use the stairs daily and always; also, there is a large bike rack to encourage bike riding instead of driving. This tour and panel showed me just how sustainability practices could actually be applied in the real world.

Bullitt Center

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