After three weeks out of the country, we are back, but not to business as usual.

This Module we will creating our own Social Enterprises and social-venture-1participating in Seattle Pacific University’s Annual Social Venture Competition. This competition invites investors and social venture experts to explore student’s complete business plans for an enterprise that will simultaneously and sustainably address a social need.

In other words, it’s time to walk the MAM-SM talk.

So the question looming over all of our heads is… how do you make a business out of something motivated to meet a need? The idea itself seems to contradict everything I’ve been taught about business and capitalism. This is the point in the journey where we get to explore the possibilities of using business to make an impact upon the endless list of issues. This is the heartbeat that motivates us through every Accounting lass, Case Study and Boardroom Presentation.

It is important to note that we are doing this in groups. Meaning that we have to agree upon an idea. In addition, we have two weeks to identify our plan.

To instigate the brainstorming process, we have had the privilege of speaking with Jeff Wilcox, the founder of the Third Sector Company. He came in as our “personal consultant” (finally, someone consulting us!) and allowed each team to ask one question concerning the process of creating a Social Venture. Our question? How do you even start? It was from this conversation that we realized the importance of getting to know our team and identify shared values upon which we could build our idea.

Now that my team has spent time getting to know each other, it is time to go to the whiteboard and use all of our exposure to inspiring professionals, Social Enterprises (at home and abroad) and our personal passions, to innovate a way to change the world through business.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 10.49.13 PM

Wish us luck and stay tuned to hear what we come up with and how we prepare to defend our ideas to the “10 million dollars that will be in the room” at the competition…the possibilities for impact are real this time.

Let The Adventure Continue,

2 thoughts on “So You Say You Want To Make a Social Impact?

  1. The best piece of advice I have heard on how to identify a potential social venture opportunity: Look for the unused resource. What is it that everyone else thinks is garbage or waste and how can it be used to make a difference? You see social ventures around wasted human resources (e.g. ex-cons, the homeless, etc.), excess natural resources (e.g. wind power, biofuel, etc.) and even seemingly useless financial resources (e.g. micro-lending – how can you make money off of loans so small?). Good luck!

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