Ami Case

Siletz, Oregon

Undergraduate Degree: B.S.  Sociology, Business Administration Minor at the University of Oregon (GOOOOO DUCKS!)

Why MAM-SSM:  Upon deciding that I wanted to pursue business further, I started researching programs. I knew I wanted to stay on the West coast and while visiting a friend in Seattle, she mentioned I should check out SPU’s school of Business and Economics. A little web search led me to MAM-SSM! After reading about the program curriculum, really liking the fact that it is an accelerated one-year degree, feeling a connection to its focus on the Social and Sustainable aspects of business, and having an awesome conversation with Dr. Eveland, I decided to take the leap.

Future Goals (career and otherwise):  My goal right now is to work in the field of Environmental Sustainability. It’s broad scope, but I want to be able to make an impact, to feel like the work I do contributes to a greater good and is for an important cause. In short, I want to make the world a better place.

How I Spend My Free Time: If it’s possible to be outdoors, I’m there!  If I feel the need to let off some steam, you can usually find me on the golf course or at the driving range. Listening to great music and dancing around the kitchen while cooking a meal is always good. I’m also fond of roaming around and taking in my surroundings. I’m pretty laid back and am content doing whatever as long as it’s in good company, so if someone has an idea I’m usually up for it!


Favorite Thing about Seattle:  There are a few! It’s a bit cliché, but I love all of the coffeehouses. They’re really the only things that keep me productive during the weekends. Also, people are pretty friendly. I always seem to find an interesting stranger to have a conversation with. Gotta love people who love people. And, I’ll admit it; I actually like the rain. Seattle is the perfect place to rock a radical raincoat and stomp in some puddles!

Your favorite thing to do as a kid: Climb trees! Growing up I spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ house, which is surrounded by the forest and has small apple orchard, so I was always running around in the woods. I used to get in trouble all the time for climbing the trees and picking the apples before they were ripe. Also, I really liked to read; you could always find me carrying around a book of some kind, anything from Winnie the Pooh to X-Men comics.

Issue I am passionate about: Continuing the education about and revival of my native culture. I hope to eventually use my education and experiences to contribute to the improvement of the lives of my tribal people. Many young people have lost the values and traditions of our elders, and right now, a small group of tribal members are working to resurrect the customs of our ancestors. But taking part in dances and ceremonies and speaking key phrases of the language isn’t enough; it’s also about learning what those traditions mean, living by those principles and building a nurturing and supportive community.


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