“Life is one big pitch, so you better start practicing.”

This classic saying goes directly with our latest professional development assignment- creating and pitching our very own personal marketing plan. You might be wondering what does a personal marketing plan consist of? Well, it’s pretty much what it says- a plan on how to best market yourself, especially as interviewing season is approaching.

The Personal Marketing Plan will help you to decide how to distribute your personal resources over a given period of time- or rather in the form of an implementation plan. Few people actually take the time to write down this type of formal plan, so it’s one major way to get a jump start on your competition I learned. It is vital to understand your best qualities and study even more about your chosen career path. While further researching my chosen career and creating a SWOT Table (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) about myself, I learned that I had wisely chosen my career path. We even had to create our own unique mission statement and value proposition.

Each personal marketing plan answered these questions:

  •       What is my current situation?
  •       Where do I want to go?
  •       How should I get there?
  •       Who or what is going to get me there?
  •       How long will it take to get there?
  •       How much money should I expect to earn initially?
  •       What makes me different than my competition?

As everything in MAM-SSM, this exercise held several purposes. Not only did the presentation portion allow us to communicate more about our chosen fields, but it also gave us direct contact to so many esteemed business leaders who could one day even hire us. This exercise allowed to learn how to brand ourselves for the career we want, not the job we have.

Until next time,



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