Today we had the opportunity to hear from three leaders in the field of recruiting. This is our second panel of this nature so you may be asking yourself, “why learn it again?”

As Dustin, one of our panelists shared, no matter if you are looking into entry level work or have been in your job for 15 years, you have to remember, “there is more than one way to get to Kirkland.”

For those of you that are not familiar with Washington State  geography, Kirkland is a town on the east side of the state. Whenever I am going there from Seattle, I have many route options. The one I choose depends on traffic, the time I have, if I want to take the scenic route and of course, where in Kirkland I want to end up.

Dustin was saying that we can apply this thinking process to our career path. Even though we may know the job title we are seeking, there is more than one route option to obtain that position. The route(s) we choose are going to be dependent on both our own preferences (values, time, money needs) and external factors that won’t be in our control (the economy, competition, cultural fit and unexpected stops along the way).
So although I might have thought that I had spoken to enough people about the recruiting process and how to communicate the value I can bring to a business, the truth is, the directions I am given are going to depend on the individuals I speak to.

Based on the wisdom of our three panelists today, here are some of my take aways :

  • As I explore my career path I want to ask more professionals in my target industry about their career path and ask them about different potential options for my own journey. I can also ask for feedback on my current direction (is the job I am targeting the right one for me?).
  • I want to embrace the process, instead of only focusing on my final goal, to enjoy the learning process along the way.
  • Do not expect everything to happen right away.
  • As I discover more companies I would love to work for, I want to determine who “to have coffee with”. In these conversations, I want to ask about the company culture to determine if I would truly fit in (i.e. it is not just about your qualifications!).
  • As you connect with people, make it easy for them to help you. Come prepared with specific needs and direction (i.e. I am looking into marketing and would really love to speak with someone who involved in outbound marketing).
  • BEFORE an interview make an effort to know everything you can about the company, not just the “about us” section on the website! The more you do this, the more you can speak to the needs of the company and relate to those who are interviewing you.

Sources of information include:

    • Press Releases
    • Current Events
    • People that work there (they can give you the real insight of what the current needs of the company are)!

Moral os the story, there is always more to learn. We are never done growing. So wherever you are in life, be open to learn from others and always ask how you can do your job better. And remember, once you move into the professional world, don’t forget to return the favor!


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