As you probably can see now, professional development is a huge deal in our program. At the end of the day, if we as students learn all the content there is to know, but do not know how to apply these in the work place in both a professional and humble manner, all of our efforts will have been useless.


A key determinant in receiving a return on our investment in this education is getting a job.


We have reviewed the steps in networking, LinkedIn and applying for jobs, all of this leads us to the infamous interview. Depending on the company, the length, intensity and style will of these will differ. And just like a band before its first big gig, we would be foolish to go into these interviews without having practiced.


Cue the Mock Interview.


This week we spent two mornings in 3-5 interviews each.  The people interviewing us? Human resource professionals from diverse industries who came with our resumes and potential job descriptions in hand, to conduct interviews playing the role of the hiring manager. The format of the interviews ranged from the classic one-on-one conversation to hands on questions where we were to display on abilities on the spot. 

The morning of the interviews was much like a situation in the Battle of the Bands. The Bands (the students) wait back stage to be called, meanwhile, other bands are playing and coming back to tell the others about the audience and atmosphere. The difference for us was that we went on stage 3-5 times, each time feeling more confident in our ability to perform.


My favorite part? The opportunity to receive feedback and ask questions of the interviewer. It was in this time I was able to gain knowledge to perfect my performance as the day went on and in addition, receive encouraging feedback that increased the confidence of all of us in the cohort in the, no-longer-so-scary interview.


With nine interviews under our belt, we are ready to hit the job market. At this point, our cohort has had more interviews than any other cohort had at this point. And its not even April!

Stay tuned to hear more about our path to employment,  as we turn down job offers and determine our callings in this next phase after graduation!





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