Can you believe it? It’s here! The LAST QUARTER of the program.

We have survived the initial 2 week intensive Boot Camp, completed an entire Industry Analysis and built our own Social Ventures… now it is time to apply all that we have learned into a 3 month all-hands-on-deck practicum experience working for a local company.

Just as we have been in the past, we were divided up into four teams of four, each team being assigned to a specific company and project. We have been waiting for this all year, and as is standard in the program we knew nothing about the sites or projects before all the teams and assignments were officially announced together.

How They Finally Told Us?! After waiting a week more than we had originally anticipated, we were told that they would be announced after our very last class before Spring Break.

Nerves were high. We couldn’t focus.


Given that this is the last quarter, this project will define what we will learn, what connections we will make with business professionals and the four people we will be working with before we Graduate (in JUNE). The way teams are put together is very intentional, considering personalities, cultural fit in the company and the ability for individuals to meet their personal development goals. On the company side, our leadership team was committed to obtain placements that would pay us.

Thats right. We get paid.


Without Further Adieu….


The Projects:


zulily– A local e-commerce company focused on moms and kids. The team will be exploring their competitive landscape and market opportunities as they rapidly expand. They are excited to work in a fast-paced environment and deliver real solutions for their growing pains. They look forward to learning the project management essentials of breaking down objectives into bite-sized chunks to deliver quality work, as well as, identifying the critical pieces of information to research to provide realistic and feasible business solutions.

Next Manga– A Biblically-based authentic Manga producer and publisher that shares Bible stories and spreads The Gospel in a way that is fun and exciting. The team will develop a formal business and marketing plan that will impact the company’s sustainability and ability to reach more people globally. The team looks forward to applying what they have learned in class to help this business fulfill its honorable mission. They expect and welcome the chance to meet business leaders and gain new insights in the Manga Publishing Industry.


Pioneer Industries–  This is my team! You may remember that we were able to tour Pioneer earlier in the year. As one of the largest social enterprises in the area, the manufacturing operations of Pioneer Industries funds the work of Pioneer Human Services.  As a part of practicum, we have the privilege of developing Pioneer’s Environmental Management System. This will encompass the policy and manual they will lean on to ensure all their processes within manufacturing are environmentally compliant to prevent negative impacts on this beautiful earth of ours. We will be engaging in research, on site observations, and talking with a variety of stakeholders to ensure our recommendations mitigate risk and fit within the current flow of their operations and work.



Skills, Inc– A local Social Enterprise that strives to employee individuals with disabilities and raise awareness about disabilities. Our team will evaluate the company’s Technical Services Line that operates as a vendor onsite in local technology companies. This will include conducting a gap and marketplace analysis to restructure their standard operating procedures in order for the company to  move forward and expand. The group is excited to engage in market research and apply the skills they have learned in the program to support Skills Inc. in moving forward in their mission.


Stay tuned to learn more about our experiences, how we grow and finish the journey to hear where we end up!



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