Those of you that live in Seattle know that proceeding the cloudy winter season, when a sunny day comes along, we must get outside! And despite our crazy schedule, MAM-SM is no exception. Although we can’t stop stuffing our brains with as much business as possible in 11 months, we can at least take our learning to places where we can soak up some much-needed Vitamin D.



This is How We Ended Up Consulting On The Waterfront.

Per usual, each team had completed a Business Analysis (this time about the World Bank) and was prepared to present their conclusions and recommendations to the class. So after strolling along the canal discussing the key points of the case, we stopped at a sunny spot to listen to each teams presentation.



Not only was it energizing to be out in the sun, but it was also so encouraging to realize the ways we have grown in our ability to assess complex business situations specifically in the context of those with strong social missions, such as The World Bank.



And that is experiential learning folks!


Until Next Time!

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