As you may remember, we are currently in the Practicum Phase of the program. In this season, we have the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and apply the things we have learned in the classroom to real life business contexts.

To give you a better idea of the projects that teams are engaging in, I will be giving you a little peak into the four different projects our cohort is engaging in.

This Week in The Spotlight, Skills Inc.

photo 1
MASSM Consultants Pictured Left to Right: Suzie Locke, Christian Bravo, Rajyasree Banerjee and MacKenzie Borgogni


As was previously mentioned, Skills is based out of Ballard and runs four lines of business including Aerospace Manufacturing, Finishing, Technical Services and Business Solutions.

Our team’s project is focused within the Skills Technical Services (STS) Line. They are specifically working to provide the company with strategic direction for expansion through an industry analysis of the market.

The team got the opportunity to learn about the company through two weeks of training and tours, including, a visit to the manufacturing plant and Microsoft’s Campus. This theme has continued through supervisors who are very invested in the project and even their own company laptops and badges!

photo 2


During the week, the team goes to the company on Mondays (making the Conference Room home as their own office) and working off site the rest of the week.

Although they have been presented the great challenge of exploring an extensive industry and navigating the ambiguity of how to focus their research and target market, they have been able to narrow their scope to Competition and Customers in order to break down and delegate tasks.

Team member Suzie Locke expressed that along with the perks of lunch break walks to Trader Joes and around Ballard,  “We are actually being able to make an impact in a business that they will implement.”


Stay Tuned To Learn About The Rest of Our Practicum Sites!

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