NextManga is a Japanese comic book compiled of  biblically based stories with the intent of spreading The Gospel to their readers. With an international team located from Japan to Seattle, the ministry has been able to develop comics in 26 translations and have 12 in the works.


Our team’s task:

To bring a business framework to this servant- hearted ministry. They are grappling with the tension of getting their Manga into the hands of all peoples, and developing a structure of financial sustainability that will allow them to continue to spread their message for years to come.

The Team: Abraham Wairisal, Lauren Cosgrove, Hoa Le & Juliana Garcia
The Team: Abraham Wairisal, Lauren Cosgrove, Hoa Le & Juliana Garcia


This brings them to the bottom-line question of how to make money. Who do they charge while maintaining the accessibility of their stories to the world?


In gathering information they have had the support of the COO, as well as, Scott Cummins, who has been a continual mentor and coach for the MAM-SM Program. Also, they had the honor of speaking with The Founder to understand their mission and history. They have also been in conversations with various Board Members, through this process they have continually learned about how to interact with an organization that is completely international with members working remotely around the world.


The team has narrowed their scope to initiatives that will spur sales in the USA through a cross subsidization model which would still allow the organization to generously share their stories.

Their End Goal is to Contribute:

-A Marketing Plan

-A Situation Analysis for the Manga Industry

– A Final Business Plan For Increasing Their Presence In The US Market.


The team continues to move forward, setting high goals for themselves in hopes of adding to the already expansive impact that this ministry has had in bringing the story of Jesus to the nations.

Until NEXT time,

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