My team this quarter is placed at Pioneer Industries (check out what they do) and has had the opportunity to learn about what it takes for a business to decrease their environmental impact. We’ve learned that change is always harder than expected and that being held accountable to an environmental program requires certification.

This is where the ISO 14001 Certification comes in. This certification is supported both by customers and the public in an effort to encourage businesses to document the way they manage the Environmental Aspects of their operations throughout their supply chain. Another aspect of this process is continual improvement of these systems to move beyond compliance to greater efforts to be environmental stewards in a commitment to their community and the planet.

photo 1
The Team: Riley Burden, Aaron Hire, Ami Case & Tiffany Lumley

We have the honor of playing a key role in Pioneer Industries receiving this certification. Through this project our tasks include:


1. Researching industry best practices
2. Learning about environmental regulations and how they apply to Pioneer within the Aerospace Industry specifically
3. Talking with current employees to learn about their processes and how the demands of the certification process will work into what they are already doing


We’ve learned that Pioneer is already meeting many of the requirements that this standard requires, therefore, we have shifted our focus to the documentation and communication of their efforts.

photo 3
Our Environmental Manual, now a part of the company’s Business Management System
By the end of it all, we will have:
1. Created a new company-wide environmental policy and Environmental Manual that outlines all of their sustainability efforts.
2. Identified new processes that are needed and communicated them to employees
3. Create an implementation plan for the company to successfully become ISO 14001 certified in 6 months.



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