I cannot believe we have come to this point, but we have, this past week we had our Final Boardroom Presentations for our practicums!


The format was different for each team, however, the purpose of this presentation was to synthesize the work we had done at our respective companies over the last three months. The content depended on the project, but as a whole we left them with recommendations  as to how to move forward with the work we have done.

Our Gifts: For Our Last Day, Employees Used Their Machinery To Make Us Nameplates!


It was a bitter sweet day, as we said our goodbyes and realized how normal it had become to see these people on a daily basis. The biggest shock for us however, was how sad they were to see us leave. We realized that we were not just “The PI Interns,” but we had built relationships with these people and were able to contribute to a valuable and needed project for the companies growth.




For my team at Pioneer Industries, this was an exciting opportunity to communicate with individuals across the company regarding the foundations we had laid for their desired ISO 14001 Certification. ISO 14001 is an Environmental Management System which allows companies to keep track of all the Environmental Regulations in their industry and geographical location and give them a framework through which to practice additional practices of Environmental Stewardship.

Our boardroom was an informal presentation where we were able to walk our audience through our process, our findings, the work we were able to complete in working towards their sought after certification and finally, our recommendations for them to move forward. It was so rewarding to be able to have a conversation with the company’s leaders on a topic that we had become the experts on. In the process of preparing for the presentation, we were also able to practice for the CEO of the company and receive her feedback on our findings.

My team is so thankful for this unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on an organization that we respect in our community. Not only did we learn the difficulties that come Our Set Up Before The Boardroom with change, but also adapted to a different office culture and were able to use our project management skills to move forward on a large scale project.



That’s right. We are putting our caps and gowns back on and this time adding a hood to signify our obtainment of a Masters. Stay tuned to hear our reflections on the year and our excitement for this upcoming season .


Thanks For Following Our Journey,

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