Welcome to the 2015 MAM-SSM Cohort Blog.
It’s pumpkin spice latte time… and everyone in Seattle knows exactly what that means! The weather has turned and the gray rainy days of fall are here. When we are lucky, scattered in are those cool crisp mornings, dry enough to hear the leaves rustle and blow across the ground. Our 2015 MAM-SSM Cohort will be coming into class bundled in our winter coats and scarves, hot coffee in hand and ready to hit the books.
We have made it through the summer quarter of reading and online quizzes, and through our three week boot camp where we experienced the infamous “two-a-days.” We completed our first boardroom presentations to local business partners in the restaurant industry. Despite the nerves and anxiety that led up to these, we came away feeling successful and encouraged.
Our cohort of 16 spent an entire week, 8 am to 5 pm in Professional Development classes. These helped assimilate the information from our summer readings on career, vocation, and calling. This has already solidified many people’s focus and direction for after the program, and for others, has planted a vision that was never there before.
Our most recent event was the Alumni Networking Event. We had the privilege to have small group discussions about the MAM-SSM journey with previous years’ graduates. From market research to auditing, to project management and IT consulting, alums truly live out the motto, “Another way of doing business.” From pizza to business cards and with hugs among old friends all around, each of the current students got a glimpse of what our hard work will culminate into at the end of the year. We left appreciating the wisdom and perspective of those who have gone before us. We are looking forward to the next networking event that will incorporate current students, alumni, professors and community business partners on Thursday, October 2nd at Ivar’s Salmon House at 6:30 pm.
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