Student Spotlight: Claire Dugan

  Name: Claire Dugan Hometown: Tacoma, Washington Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in International Studies and Environmental Policy from Fordham University NYC Interests: Reading (favorite author Anais Nin) Making jewelry, cards, and other crafts Running Brunch Going to museums Exploring urban parks and gardens My cat…the Great Catsby Why the MAM-SSM program: I wanted to relocate to … Continue reading Student Spotlight: Claire Dugan


Student Spotlight: Tyler Flinchbaugh

Name: Tyler Ward Flinchbaugh Hometown: Auburn, Washington Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in Psychology from University of Washington Tacoma Interests: Music- the all-over kind: hip-hop, classic punk, jazz, grunge, reggae, soul, and funk, just to name a few. Video Games- RPGs, FPS, Favorite game is Half-Life. Beer-making. Fashion. Reading. Studying foreign languages, especially German and Spanish. Why … Continue reading Student Spotlight: Tyler Flinchbaugh

A Brown Bag with Jeff Wilcox

                Thanks to Jeff Wilcox and Third Sector Company! As part of MAMSSM’s curriculum, our various community partners come in to give us their insights on their careers. This week, we had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Wilcox to get an in depth look at his … Continue reading A Brown Bag with Jeff Wilcox


Networking: An Opportunity to Serve

Just in the last week, our cohort has had the opportunity to participate in three networking events. People’s feelings on networking vary from enthusiasm to dread, usually with the thought that it is a necessary evil. However, over this last week we have gotten out of our comfort zones, met many influential and charismatic business … Continue reading Networking: An Opportunity to Serve


Case Study Analysis: MAMSSM’s Unique Way of Learning

The class of 2015 is a wonderfully eclectic bunch ranging from sociology and psychology majors all the way to film, dance, and science. One attractive aspect of our program is that students from all of these disciplines will intermingle. With access to so many different perspectives, the cohort will not only learn from our faculty … Continue reading Case Study Analysis: MAMSSM’s Unique Way of Learning