The class of 2015 is a wonderfully eclectic bunch ranging from sociology and psychology majors all the way to film, dance, and science. One attractive aspect of our program is that students from all of these disciplines will intermingle. With access to so many different perspectives, the cohort will not only learn from our faculty but also from each other. We are all excited to see this in action.

Our program’s approach to learning is significantly different from most traditional graduate schools. MAM-SSM students spend most of their time working in small groups to discuss business models, solutions, and concepts. Our class sessions consist of faculty members initiating conversations for students. We develop our thoughts and concepts by applying them to the problems and successes that real businesses have faced. This is the case analysis method.

For instance, our cohort has been discussing the social and financial implications of a business working with rural Indian farmers. Through the analysis of this case’s unique business model and strategies, we have learned the importance of several key concepts. Students have developed their understanding of the importance of corporate social responsibility and principles of ethics by examining and writing on this case. We have started to develop an understanding of how businesses make decisions for their future development and have used these cases as examples for what we will encounter in our future careers.


Nathan, of The Thompson and Thompson Consulting Team is hard at work this morning.

Stay tuned for more,



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