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Name: Tyler Ward Flinchbaugh

Hometown: Auburn, Washington

Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in Psychology from University of Washington Tacoma

Interests: Music- the all-over kind: hip-hop, classic punk, jazz, grunge, reggae, soul, and funk, just to name a few. Video Games- RPGs, FPS, Favorite game is Half-Life. Beer-making. Fashion. Reading. Studying foreign languages, especially German and Spanish.

Why the MAM-SSM program: In this program I can use my background in Psychology, my drive to help people, and integrate this into a business role.

Future Goals: Be the Chief Human Resources Officer at a large corporation. I would like to own a brewery, and a bakery in my retirement years, with fellow cohort member Erika Fenn.

A unique story: I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed at 2 years old and finally went into remission and was declared cancer-free at 6 years old. One of the more pleasant memories I have from that time is two of the Seattle Thunderbirds hockey players coming to my room and hanging out with my brother and I. They gave me some hockey gear and a signed poster, this was definitely one of my childhood highlights.

Issue you are passionate about: The issue of quality of childhood education.

Favorite thing about Seattle: The grey rainy fall weather. It’s the cuts.

Favorite Quote:  “You know what’s gonna happen with hip-hop? Whatever’s happening with us.” – Mos Def


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