Name: Claire Dugan

Hometown: Tacoma, Washington

Undergraduate Degree: B.A. in International Studies and Environmental Policy from Fordham University NYC


  • Reading (favorite author Anais Nin)
  • Making jewelry, cards, and other crafts
  • Running
  • Brunch
  • Going to museums
  • Exploring urban parks and gardens
  • My cat…the Great Catsby

Why the MAM-SSM program: I wanted to relocate to Seattle and expand upon my professional knowledge after working with nonprofits in New York City.

Future Goals: I want to find creative opportunities at the intersection of communication, public relations, and marketing content in order to empower struggling communities

Issue you are passionate about: I am particularly interested in the application of innovative technology to expand Millennium Development Goals, especially in areas of gender inequity, entrepreneurship, and health. This passion was increased by my time spent conducting field research among indigenous communities in Tanzania, Turkey, India, New Zealand, and Mexico; and by my participation in the 58th United Nations Commission on the Status of Women this past March.

Favorite Travel Story: During my year of field research, I made it a goal to document animals from all my travels around the world, especially cats. I created a photo album of over 100 animals around the world from cats frolicking among the fishermen in Istanbul to the donkeys I helped give tetanus shots to in Zanzibar.


Favorite thing about Seattle: The emphasis on nature entwined with the urban

Favorite Quote: “I said intensity of perception. You may perceive harmony, proportion, rhythm, intensely. They are things faint and slight in themselves, as physical facts, but they are like the detonator of a bomb: they let loose the explosive. There’s the internal factor as well as the external… mean that the point is that vividness of perception is the essential factor of beauty; but, of course, vividness may be created by a whisper.”

-From Anne Veronica by H.G. Wells


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