What do you get when you take 16 strangers, all striving towards a similar goal, put them in the same room every day for three weeks? What happens when you give them challenging social issues to work on and ideate solutions for? You get the first weeks of MAM-SSM. Our class of 16 students comes from varied backgrounds, with different passions, interests and ideas. Together we will overcome the challenges of a graduate-level business program with the ultimate goal of creating a positive impact on the world around us.
We have bonded through laughter and conquering strife, over coffee and delicious potluck style meals, from bonfires at the beach to birthday celebrations, and of course, watching football games together- Go Seahawks! We have created new friendships and bridged differences. We have come to a place where we can ask for feedback on our work style, and accept constructive criticism gracefully.
In many ways the program sets us up for these quickly-formed friendships, but it does more than that. It makes us a family. From our weekend retreat at Camp Casey, to anticipating our upcoming trip around the world, each of us knows this year is so much more than just obtaining a Master’s degree. The bond the MAM-SSM journey has created between each of us is just one of the many unexpected, delightful surprises of this transformational year.






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