Our backyard: The Lake Washington Ship Canal

Our trip around the world (literally) is only two weeks away! The class of 2015 is gearing up to present their Industry Analysis projects and then it’s time to get packing. This year’s cohort gets the special opportunity of flying around the world. We are starting our travels in Beijing. From there, we’re off to Shanghai and Hong Kong. Our India leg of the trip will consist of time spent in New Delhi and Bangalore. Finally, we are stopping over in Dubai and then headed back home for the Christmas holiday.

While abroad, we will be seeing the globalization of business first hand through visits to large companies, including manufacturing businesses, and call centers. Through these experiences, the students will get the chance to see the effects of outsourcing and international business. We will also get the chance to see some social venture businesses, which will give us some insight on the social issues that other countries are currently facing.

Of course, we wouldn’t go so far from home and not have any fun! We are all looking forward to seeing The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square in Beijing, the Oriental Pearl Tower and The Shanghai Tower in Shanghai, and the Great Wall of China. In India, we will be visiting the Taj Mahal. As for Dubai, who’s going skiing with me in the desert?

Ta-Ta for Now, America!

  • Britney

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