It turns out that businesses can do more than just make money….much more. This quarter, our program is exploring how businesses are changing to become socially and environmentally responsible and what it takes to design and start a social business. Social businesses take on the mission to address more than just a financial bottom line. At MAMSSM, we believe that businesses should give back to their communities; furthermore, businesses should be created FOR communities. Whether it is providing employment opportunities for the underprivileged like Greyston Bakery, making solar electricity available for the poor in rural India like SELCO (we had the chance to visit them in India), or even helping women provide for their families like Krotchet Kids, the possibilities for social and sustainable business are endless.

Every year, Seattle Pacific University hosts the Social Venture Plan Competition. This competition creates the amazing opportunity of providing students of all majors to share their passion for helping society through business. The MAMSSM program will be amongst these students. Armed with the help of our inspiring faculty, community business partners, and teammates, the class of 2015 is ready to impress! Stay tuned for our social business proposals and to see the results of the competition.


A shout out to our predecessors: Kaili and Hoa from the 2014 cohort showing their stuff at last year’s competition

Check out the Social Venture Plan Competition at SPU:


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