Today my fellow SPU classmates got to attend a fantastic even put on for us by F5 Networks, Inc. F5 is a Seattle based company that is an applications and services company that keeps businesses’ website applications secure and connected. We had the opportunity to have a brown bag session where we were treated to a delicious lunch and a panel of speakers who told us all about the Human Resources (HR) functions at their company. In the past ten years, F5 has grown from 500 employees to over 4,000 all around the globe. In addition to fantastic information for those of us wanting to pursue HR, we also had the opportunity to hear about other opportunities for employment with their company.
This is just one example of the networking and connections that take place during our one-year Master’s degree here at SPU. MAM-SSM adds value to us as individuals through these opportunities with local business partners. It also is honing our professionalism and poise as we take on our Personal Marketing Plan projects this quarter. We will each articulate our own value proposition to Seattle-area business leaders, in the form of a presentation where we will talk about what differentiates us from anyone else who might be applying for the same position we are interested in. While this is stress inducing for most of us, we all realize the positive outcome of this exercise in our ability to capture an audience’s attention with our skills, abilities, and passion to impact our world.

f5's presentation on their Leadership Development Program
f5’s presentation on their Leadership Development Program



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