I cannot say enough about how awesome and diverse our faculty is here in the program. Brian Howe teaches our Business Law class sessions. We have enjoyed having him in our class space, but today we got the opportunity to visit his work space. Brian is the founder and CEO of Impact Hub Seattle. This organization is a great example of the mission and values of our Social and Sustainable Management program. Brian and the members of Impact Hub are passionate about entrepreneurship that makes a difference both for social good and environmental sustainability.

On our tour of 220 & Change (Impact Hub’s collaborative building space), we observed one of the most interactive workspaces in Seattle. Dozens of businesses ranging from crowd funding to educational outreach businesses call this building home. The office is littered with plenty of collaboration space for freelance workers as well. 220 & Change is also home to Pinchot, a university specializing in sustainability, and Fledge.

Fledge is a company incubator and accelerator. They help entrepreneurs make an impact in the world and change the lives of others. We had the opportunity to sit down with Michael “Luni” Libes. Luni is a serial social entrepreneur and author. He shared some of his advice on pitching social business ideas. This was incredibly helpful for us as we think through the best ways to portray our business plans for our upcoming Social Venture Plan Competition. Everyone at Impact Hub helped our cohort get motivated to dive into our projects. We are looking forward to seeing what unfolds next.



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