One of our current students, Bryan Hildebrandt, shares his group’s story on the impact of their Industry Analysis project last quarter:

Three weeks ago, myself and three others from my cohort found ourselves at the Sheraton in downtown Seattle in a their executive boardroom. Within a few minutes we would be meeting with an executive from Sheraton who oversees half of their hotels in North America. “Why we are here and what are we even doing?” were questions in our heads given the nature of meeting with such an important executive.

Well, it turned out that our project from Fall quarter of creating an in-depth industry analysis for the hotel industry wasn’t just a mere academic exercise. Besides just presenting our industry analysis in a mock boardroom setting for a grade, we found ourselves with the opportunity to present our strategic recommendation to a company with the ability to implement it; thus, why our team was in our current situation at Sheraton. Our industry analysis incorporated current to future economic, societal, and environmental trends and our team’s analysis of them in order to articulate an effective strategic plan for any player in the hotel industry to remain ahead of the competition.

The outcome of this meeting with Sheraton’s executive provided our team with an amazing experience in our ability to effectively and professionally present our work. As well, each member in our team gained a new level of professional development personally which we will be able to transfer to our future career paths. Most importantly, our presentation impressed the Sheraton executive and we learned that our strategic recommendation perfectly matched their company’s internal growth path!


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