We are back in the swing of things after our refreshing two week Spring Break! We have been assigned our practicums for this last quarter of our MAM-SSM journey. Each of our projects is incredibly tangible and will help guide and direct our companies as they go into the future. In the midst of our projects we are looking towards our graduation, and are busy ramping up our job search.

The five companies we are working with are Coalfire, REI, The Sage Group, Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, and Virginia Mason. We are incredibly excited to jump into this portion of our program. For us as Graduate students, we have the ability to put to use everything we have learned about Project Management, and creating high quality, presentation-ready deliverables. From researching and business analysis, to marketing and communication, these projects are bringing together all of the skills we have learned through the year and applying them to real-world business problems.

Each of these projects will be highlighted by a member of the MAM-SSM team in further detail in upcoming blog posts:CoalfireLogoWeb-5001406302120209  main-logologo  VM_logo

coalfire.com, REI.com, the-sage-group.com, ugm.org, and virginiamason.org


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