In the coming weeks we will be giving you a sneak preview of what each of our practicum teams is up to. Below, Camille shares her experience working with REI:

Imagine getting to work for one of your favorite companies. You are respected as a peer among senior level management and they genuinely ask for your opinion. This is the module I have been blessed to experience firsthand as a REI consultant with a team of two other women, researching sustainability and strategy.

The first day on the job was a dream. We walked in, were greeted by our supervisor, directed toward our own personal cubicles, and later received our very own REI badges. So official! We even ate lunch in REI’s cafeteria full of delicious, organic options while watching employees conduct various business meetings.

This module is so exciting because we are finally able to put to practice everything we have learned. Throughout this year, we have heard professors say you have to learn how to make an ambiguous situation manageable and that is exactly what we are doing! Our REI group has turned a grand project into manageable sized chunks that allow us to show our supervisors and professors our ability to create a solid project, basically out of thin air! We are also putting to practice how we have learned to balance stakeholder feelings and desires while ensuring we deliver a project in the format that serves all parties best. It is so exciting to work every week on a project that we know will positively effect a major organization.

This practicum has also helped me land some pretty awesome job interviews at different recruiting and consulting firms. Interviewers want to hear tangible examples of your experiences and this practicum definitely helps provide those. Since I went straight from undergrad to grad school and worked primarily on campus, this practicum as well as past module projects has helped relieve my anxiety of finding a job.

All in all, this project is by far my favorite of this year because I am able to practice everything I have learned at a pretty awesome company, work with some pretty great people, and to top it off I get to wear a pretty sweet badge!



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