My team and I are working with The Sage Group, a consulting company with a unique value proposition and business model. At its core, Sage assists leaders through the strategic inflection points of their business with the ultimate goal of creating a valuable company that functions at peak performance. As a result, Sage often can become the bridge to an IPO or strategic acquisition. For The Sage Group, adding value to their client’s business means maximizing return of the leadership and culture of the organization as well as all levels of the operation. Sage calls their approach: The Path to Value™. Value ultimately is reflected in the intentional relationships Sage team members build with their clients. Unlike most consulting companies, who come in for a short time and then leave, The Sage Group fosters long-term relationships with their client’s team and market ecosystem.
The scope of our project involves rebranding The Sage Group’s messaging, social media, and website strategy. This task requires analyzing everything about The Sage Group starting with its Client Value Proposition (CVP) and identifying how it is consumed by its targeted customers, partners and future employees. Our work is a mix of analytical and creative thinking. Most of our days are spent mocking up website designs, crafting potential messaging, and thinking about The Sage Group’s story. This project enhances our knowledge regarding branding, SEO, customer engagement, service marketing, and numerous other tools applicable to the business world.
While most of our work is conducted remotely in MAM-SSM headquarters, we have weekly meetings with the CEO of The Sage Group, Ron Worman. These meetings often are filled with abundant brainstorming and ideation about how The Sage Group can expand to better help their clients. We are excited to continue our work with The Sage Group and see the impact and results of our project.
-Claire Dugan

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