MAMSSM’s Seattle: Learning in the Emerald City

There are many places to pursue graduate education.  Even with SPU’s School of Business, Government, and Economics’ highest AACSB accreditation and the unique offerings of the MAMSSM program, some might argue that you can pursue a Master’s degree in business anywhere.  However, the opportunities that Seattle provides are irreplaceable. Seattle’s thriving marketplace is an ever … Continue reading MAMSSM’s Seattle: Learning in the Emerald City


Student Spotlight: Canon Michael Rupple

   Name: Canon Michael Rupple Hometown: Edmonds, WA Undergraduate degree: B.A in Political Science and Social Studies from Western Washington University Interests: Clean air Aesthetics Bees Indigo Mammoths Foods Films Furniture Sports Reading Health and global development Biking Music Why the MAM-SSM Program:   I joined MAM-SSM to sharpen my foundational business skills and discover ways I can … Continue reading Student Spotlight: Canon Michael Rupple

Business as a System

Through this program, you can’t leave without learning one crucial thing about business. Business as a system. In a summarized explanation, it is the interplay of activities that occur in a company’s operations which require big-picture perspectives and integrated decision-making. We are seeking to become holistic critical thinkers This degree of professionalism is what ultimately … Continue reading Business as a System