Food For Thought

I am a foodie. Sure I need basic sustenance to stay alive, but I enjoy the nuances of gastronomy and the thrill of tasting something new. Near our building, there is a food truck called Curbside that likely collects most of its annual revenue from SPU students. Curbside offers Vietnamese-themed entrees such as pho and … Continue reading Food For Thought


Industry Analysis: Module II

The MAM-SSM program was designed with employers in mind.  The development of the program began with asking business professionals what they wanted to see in graduates with business degrees.  One of their answers was this: we want to hire women and men who have a better understanding of business as a system; we want employees … Continue reading Industry Analysis: Module II

Study Tour: Bullitt Center

Here’s something that will make you appreciate the Emerald City: we have a living building. I’m not talking about personification here. I’m referring to Seattle’s Bullitt Center, the greenest commercial building in the world. To make a simple distinction between living vs. non-living buildings, imagine getting a check from your city with a dollar amount that … Continue reading Study Tour: Bullitt Center