The MAM-SSM program was designed with employers in mind.  The development of the program began with asking business professionals what they wanted to see in graduates with business degrees.  One of their answers was this: we want to hire women and men who have a better understanding of business as a system; we want employees who can see their role as part of the larger industry picture.

Fall quarter—the second module of four in the program—is focused on analyzing business environments.  This year’s cohort of 23 is divided into five teams of four or five and given an industry to research.  Additionally, each group is given a company to focus on within that industry.  At the end of the quarter the teams present their findings, along with recommendations, to professionals from that assigned target company.

Here are three of many key things MAM-SSM students take away from this project:

  • The ability to research an entire industry and apply findings to specific business problems
  • Project management skills that enable on time, quality outcomes
  • A network of business professionals from around the Seattle area who are invested in both the MAM-SSM program and students’ individual development

Hear from alumnus Braden Unger and others in this video sharing more about the program curriculum: The Integrated Case-Based Curriculum


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