I am a foodie. Sure I need basic sustenance to stay alive, but I enjoy the nuances of gastronomy and the thrill of tasting something new. Near our building, there is a food truck called Curbside that likely collects most of its annual revenue from SPU students. Curbside offers Vietnamese-themed entrees such as pho and Bánh mi sandwiches. Thai Fusion is also an option for pad thai or curry lovers. We also have Byen Bakery right across the street that we often use to have coffee chats with business professionals in the city. Though limited in my own standards, I have been enjoying the options we have for lunch times.

I’m going to take my food theme to another level. Imagine I have a cash card which automatically replenishes to $100 every day. It’s not an extremely high amount, but it definitely allows me to make it through the day. I have the freedom to spend it on whatever I’d like (usually meaning chai tea or sushi). Some choices for me are better than others, e.g. I don’t have the stomach for skydiving. The more I understand what options I have, the more I can choose with intent. Hopefully, I get to have my chai tea and sushi, though I wouldn’t if I didn’t know they were around.

I have a plate. Every morning, the plate is empty. By the end of the day, the plate has things on it. Sometimes it’s a filet mignon with mushroom wine sauce, but other times it’s a few carrots – not very appetizing. My point is to say I’m learning about decision making through this program. I try to collect all the ingredients to have a savory steak, marking a meaningful day. But if I don’t actively make the decision to do so, you may as well start calling me Bugs Bunny. Every day my cash card gets reloaded, it means I have a new opportunity to spend it wisely. There are plenty of opportunities to meet professionals, learn new wisdom, and develop maturity. The everyday decisions make these opportunities into realities.

Well, I guess I do know one thing – I’ll always have a Curbside sandwich sometime in my day.



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