Technically Speaking

Throughout the year, we have a responsibility to develop our professionalism. There are aspects to our learning experience that are self-instigated, one of them being technical skills. Think Excel, Tableau, and SQL. If you have experience already, you’re very lucky. We use these programs often and unfortunately, many of us with non-business backgrounds don’t come … Continue reading Technically Speaking


Blue 42..Set…Hike!

We’ve been in session for two weeks already, and I cannot believe how fast time is flying. By now, we are all hitting the ground running, keeping ourselves busy with this quarter’s main project and weekly deliverables. Our advisors say this is the toughest quarter in the program because of the content, but also the … Continue reading Blue 42..Set…Hike!

Chindia 2015

For 21 days, the cohort journeyed across five cities in China and India. Beijing held the notorious night market, including delicacies like scorpion on a stick and tarantulas. Hong Kong seemed like the ritziest place that existed on the hemisphere. New Delhi was the stop where we visited the majestic Taj Mahal. Bengaluru housed some … Continue reading Chindia 2015